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2023 Tidbit News!


2023 Local Tournament Calendar Set

Please check out the Fewell Memorial Local Bass Tournament on our website for the monthly tournaments!  Thanks!


HBCD 10th Annual Bass Invitational Tournament has been set!

The HBCD 10th Annual Bass Invitational Tournament has been set and will be held on March 17-18, 2023. Please look for the flyer ready for print out.  


NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 2023 (Charity Pool) cancelled!

Joe Radwanski, Coordinator of the NFL Playoffs and Superbowl Pool has announced that NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl Charity Pool has officially been cancelled due to many facing financial hardship due to inflation worries. HBCD fully understood the situations that has impacted everywhere.  HBCD has decided to have it again next year!  Please contact Joe if you have any questions.   Thanks!


Bertin Smith wins the 2022 Angler of the Year and 2022 Lunker of the Year!

Congratulations are in order for Bertin Smith of Louisiana for winning the 2022 Angler of the Year and 2022 Lunker of the Year! He will be getting his prizes and plaques as well enshrined in the Wall of Past Winners!  Congratulation Bertin for winning back to back!


HBCD 2022 Financial Reports!

2022 Financial Year end Reports will be emailed to all General Members as soon as it become ready for sendoff. Associate Members will not be issued the reports as described in the membership guideline.  Should you have any questions, please direct your attention to HBCD Treasurer.  He can be contacted as via the Officers/Committees link!


HBCD Membership Expiration/Renewal

Please check your membership card for expiration month and year. If you wish to renew your membership – you can by either sending in the mail and form or renew via cash app by using our hashtag $hbcd68.  Or you can search Houston Deaf Bass. New member who wishes to join in can send their monies via our cash app and send in the member form. You have a choice either to become General Membership at $10.00 or Associate Membership at $5.00.  The membership guidelines can be read at the site link under Members/Meetings.


Praying for our Current Members!

We are a band of brothers and sister as Bass Anglers! HBCD sending prayers to Robert Southwell, Clyde Clark, Patrick Stuckey and Mike Clifton as they dealt with their health. As a team we work and communicate together like Professional does. Stay healthy guys!!!


William “Bubba” Lorenz / Henry Harvard has departed us!

We are saddened to learn of two outstanding bass anglers departing us. William “Bubba” Lorenz has been a long-time member of HBCD.  Henry Harvard was a member of Austin Bass Club of the Deaf for years. Both have been involved in tournaments throughout the areas. HBCD send our condolences and prayers to the families on their sudden departure. HBCD current member Dwight Jorgenson is the husband of Henry’s sister Martha.  God Bless!


National Bass Association of the Deaf Team Tournament

The upcoming NBAD 48th Annual Team Tournament at Wheeler Lake located in Decatur, Alabama will be held on June 11-15, 2023. You can print out the information at the nbad.org or their NBAD Anywhere app on your smartphone.  Grab now to reserve your hotel place as shown.   Go to the HBCD Events to see the flyer.  See you there!

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