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2019 Local Tournament Calendar

Please check out the Bass Tournament on our website for the local tournament calendar! This will reflect our monthly tournaments. Thanks!


7th Annual Bass Invitational Tournament

The HBCD 7th Annual Bass Invitational Tournament was held at Sam Rayburn Lake – Cassell Boykin Marina (North of Sam Rayburn Lake).  We had a total of 8 Bass Anglers showing up for the tournament while several called and dropped out due to some issues on their end. First day of the Tournament on April 10, 2019 was beautiful but strong winds. The only bass angler that brought to the weight station was Clifton Bryant with 1 bass at a length of 161/4″ and a 1.86 lbs.  The rest of the anglers that day caught several basses but was not over the required lengths.  Saturday, April 20, 2019 that day was a good day with several basses caught.  Clifton Bryant had a hot hand and hauled in 3 basses with a combined weight of 6.53 lbs. that day.  Rick Schaeffer hauled in 3 basses as well with a total weigh of 5.48 lbs. With one bass being “dead” – rules requires to deduct the weight at 1/2 lbs. This gives him a official weight at 4.98lbs that day.  Patrick Stuckey hauled in 1 bass at 1.44lbs.  The rest of the anglers had basses but again as the rules specified must be over the required minimum length.  Saturday was a good day for all and the weather was perfect.  Wind was at 3 to 4 mph that day.

Congratulation to Clifton Bryant for winning the HBCD 7th Annual Bass Invitational Tournament as well the lunker award.  No one have exceed the required 6lbs lunker bass prize of $900.00.  As no one won the 6lb required bass lunker, it will roll over to next year tournament and increase to $1,000.00.   Please go to the 7th Annual Bass Tournament link above and see all photos and weight charts.


5th Annual Texas Deaf Bass Anglers Invitational Bass Tournament

Be prepared on the look out for the upcoming Texas Deaf Bass Anglers (TDBA) Tournament slated on September 28, 2019.  This will be a one day tournament at Sam Rayburn Lake.  The marina headquarter will be at the public ramp near Humphrey Pavilion  Hotel will be at Super 8 in Jasper, Tx.  Please go to the HBCD Event and print out the flyer and Tournament rules.  Banking will be allowed as well. CODA are welcome. Any questions, please get in touch with James Northcutt, Director and Joe Radwanski, Financial Director.   Find our contact number on the Officers link above. This will be a 100% payout. No ratio based and will base payments on the number of enrollment into the tournament.

(((The date has been rescheduled to October 19, 2019)))


Dissolved McKinney Club of the Deaf donated to HBCD

Mckinney Club of the Deaf which has dissolved years back has decided to donate the remaining monies to Houston Bass Club of the Deaf, Inc.   HBCD and the entire members thank them for their contributions.  HBCD President will be sending them a letter thanking them for their donations and a receipt will be given so they can report to IRS of their contributions.  Thanks!!!


Please pray for the following HBCD members which lost a loved one

James Northcutt, President on the loss of his former father in law A.M Hukins.

Sherri Fewell on the recent loss of her sister.

If there are more news that you all as members wanted to share, please let HBCD know.


Collins recuperating from his recent surgery!

Kevin Collins, a member of HBCD had a recent surgery and doing well and recuperating. Although he has lost 35 pounds and gaining his strength back, he will be at our upcoming general meeting in August.  He sure does miss bass fishing but understands he has to follow what the doctor ordered.


Upcoming NFL Playoffs and SuperBowl Pool are all FILLED!

Larry Fewell, Coordinator of the NFL Playoffs and Superbowl Pool has announced that the pool is all filled up.  This is a charity contributions that will need to be paid before the playoff begins.  Larry Fewell will tell you that it has to be paid before December 2019.  Please contact him on how you plan to pay for your charity contributions.  Thanks!


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