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2020 Tidbit News!


2020 Local Tournament Calendar Set

Please check out the Bass Tournament on our website for the local tournament calendar! This will reflect our monthly tournaments. Thanks!


HBCD 8th Annual Bass Invitational Tournament  has been cancelled!!

The HBCD 8th Annual Bass Invitational Tournament has been cancelled and will be held next year 2021. Please look for the future flyer when ready. The reason for the cancellation was based on the pandemic that affected everywhere. Texas has imposed a stay home rules and limit travel.


Collins still fighting on his progress!

Kevin Collins, a member of HBCD is still fighting his health progress.  He has been in touch with President Northcutt to outline his progress. As far as it is going, he is still fighting and looked great. He still has a long way to make the objection to meet his desire test levels.  Way to go Kevin!  Keep on fighting and never give up!


Upcoming NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 2021 (Charity Pool)

Larry Fewell, Coordinator of the NFL Playoffs and Superbowl Pool has announced that the pool year 2021 are open to be filled.  He has decided to turn this program to Joe Radwanski!  He will be taking over for Larry!  They both will be in communication on this program. This is a charity contributions fundraising.  Please contact Joe if you wish to participate and be part of this charity fundraising.  Thanks!


Larry Fewell is improving day by day!

Larry Fewell, HBCD Tournament Director and Website master was rushed to hospital due to bad chest pain. It was found out that he had congestive heart failure and lower oxygen level.  Doctor gave him medicine to ease his chest pain. He has also developed fluid in his lungs and found he has kidney disease.  They got the kidney down to its normal level and the fluid has been receded with medicine. Doctor has informed him he must have oxygen tank with him for life. He is home now and recuperating. He is improving day by day. HBCD members were happy that he is a fighter and improving. He stated he is not giving up fishing but will figure out to deal with the tubes from the oxygen tank.  Speedy recovery dude!! 👍


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